Travity Brand Logo Design

Travity Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd is a travel company that offers affordable and premium travel experiences. They believe in providing their clients with amazing destinations and premium services at an affordable price. With Travity, you can escape the ordinary and discover the world in style. Travity aim to concentrate on providing a wide array of services that provide strategic value and true travel tips.

BiggBrand Thought designed the brand logo and its collaterals for its branding activities. The master design strategy and designs are based on the trendy travel ideation. Travity is a new born business and its branding is in progress. We expect it Travity will be a noticable brand in near future.

Travity designs are an influence of western trends and vibrant precious theme.

Year : 2023

Company : Travity Tours & Travels

Project Name : Brand Logo Design

Location : Kochi, Kerala