Venki Biodegrades Logo & Website

Venki Biodegrades Pvt. Ltd. is a Socio – environmental, green technology-based company. Their products are made from agro residues and biomass which is based on green technology invented by NIIST-CSIR scientists and commercialize this technology to fight against plastics and its toxic effects.

BiggBrand Thought involved in the branding activities from the beginning. Even from the brand logo to all branding aspects handining. As the new generation produts its need more branding visibility in the market. We are working on that saspect too. Very soon VenkiBio will get best visibility in the niche market.

The design concept is developed based on earth and sunshine thought because of both are the fine element os a materials begining to end cycle.

Year : 2023

Company : Venki Biodegrades Pvt. Ltd.

Project Name : VenkiBio Website

Location : Coimbatore, Tamilnadu